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  • More rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Opatija, Opatija, Opatija
  • 193.00 m²
  • 990.000 €

Opatija, residential Austro-Hungarian villa with a total living area of 550m2 located on the dominant and the flat land area of 1650 m2. The villa offers breathtaking views of the Kvarner. It is located above the main road, 500m from the marina...

  • More rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Trg Bana Jelačića, Donji grad,
  • 168.00 m²
  • 329.000 €

Town center, pedestrian area, 1 min (30m) to Ban Jelacic Square five bedroom beautiful 168m2 apartment on the second floor of a well maintained residential building. The apartment is fully renovated, new installation, concrete ceiling, bamboo...

  • Office (To Rent)

  • Ulica Grada Vukovara, Ferenščica, Žitnjak
  • 100.00 m²
  • 1.000 €

Office space for rent in modern business building. The possibility of leasing office space is 100-1000 m/2. The rental price is 10€/m2 plus shared costs. The office building has the possibility of renting parking spaces. Extra services of...

  • Two rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Krijesnice, Gornji Grad - Medveščak, Srebrnjak
  • 55.00 m²
  • 109.000 €

Krijesnice, one bedroom apartment on the ground floor area of 55m2. Ceiling height 300cm. Orientation east. Gas central heating. Entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, large living room and a spacious bedroom. The building was built in 1930....

  • Office (To Rent)

  • Radnička cesta, Radnička Cesta, Trnje
  • 250.00 m²
  • 2.750 €

Office space for rent on attractive location in business building at Radnička. The building currently has over 2,500 m2 of available office space. The office building is fully maintained and has a complete communication and IT infrastructure....

  • Three rooms flat (To Rent)

  • Gornji Grad - Medveščak, Pantovčak
  • 101.00 m²
  • 1.200 €

Pantovčak, beautiful fully furnished, recently decorated bedroom apartment 99 m2 + 23m2 terrace ( 10m2 ) .  Located on the first floor , there is another floor with a loft and an apartment on the ground floor . Two bedrooms , living room ,...

  • House (To Rent)

  • Remete, Remete
  • 360.00 m²
  • 3.500 €

House is situated in the beginning of Remete street just 3 minutes drive from the French and German schools and 8 min from the American school in Zagreb. There is an 8 min drive to the city center and just 4 minutes to the largest city park –...

  • Four rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Cvjetni trg, Donji grad, Donji grad
  • 212.49 m²
  • 1.450.725 €

Cvjetni Square apartment NPC 182,05m2 (€ 7,300 / m2) on the third floor of the complex "Cvjetni". A garage for 2 cars surface 30,44m2 (€ 4,000 / m2). Total BRP 212,49m2. It consists of a spacious living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2...

  • Three rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Maksimir, Maksimir
  • 112.50 m²
  • 247.000 €

Maksimir, newly built urban villa, with six residential units. Beautifully furnished two bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor, NAC 95.19 m2, with associated parking 12.52 m2 (3.13), garage 18m2 (9) and storage of 10m2 (5), total NAC 112.50 m2. The...

  • Four rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Ksaver, Gornji Grad - Medveščak, Ksaver
  • 136.00 m²
  • 230.000 €

Ksaver, one of the most beautiful locations in Zagreb. Apartment 136m2 for renovation, located in a great part of the settlement Ksaver, the dominant position with breathtaking views. The apartment is on 2 levels and has a storage room on the...

  • Hotel (To Rent)

  • Gundulićeva, Donji grad,
  • 550.00 m²
  • 5.500 €

Gundulićeva street, completely renovated and newly built buildings NAC 550m2. Ideal for business travelers, a hostel, a fitness facility, clinic ... There is a proposal for a hostel with 60 beds. Exclusively for long-term lease. Price € 10 + VAT.

  • Four rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Šubićeva, Donji grad, Centar
  • 100.00 m²
  • 170.000 €

A beautiful bourgeois apartment in a prime location . The apartment is located on the first floor of a well maintained building with a beautiful staircase . It consists of an entrance hall , two bedrooms , maid's room , bathroom , toilet , living...

  • Four rooms flat (To Rent)

  • Tomislavov trg, Donji grad,
  • 118.30 m²
  • 1.300 €

Tomislav square, very attractive three bedroom apartment on the second floor. Land area is 118 m².Overlooking the central square fountain. Two large rooms overlooking the square, bathroom, toilet, a large central hall, dining room with small...

  • Four rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Tuškanac, Gornji Grad - Medveščak, Tuškanac
  • 162.00 m²
  • 555.000 €

Tuškanac, new building. Apartment of 131 m² with a terrace of 19m2 on the first floor of the newly built villas with four residential units. Currently, the unfinished state and governing according to customer preference. Extremely luxurious...

  • Four rooms flat (To Rent)

  • Opatija, Opatija
  • 150.00 m²
  • 3.000 €

Opatija beautiful four bedroom penthouse closed 150m2 recently built villa (2002 g) with a total of 15 apartments. building (2002). Large living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is equipped with all the modern...