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  • More rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Tuškanac, Zagreb
  • 237.63 m²
  • 690.000 €

Tuškanac, new, ground-level apartment 187.36 m² with its own garden 317.91 m², 12.23 m² garage space, parking area 3.57 m² and 2.66 m² storage. NAC Total 240 m². Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, separate toilet, spacious living room, kitchen with...

  • Office (To Rent)

  • Folnegovićeva, Radnička Cesta, Zagreb
  • 50.00 m²
  • 600 €

Commercial office space in a commercial building. Built to the highest standards. We rent two offices 22,80 m2 and 20,97 m2 (in meters 3, 4) with the possibility to use the conference room 22.51 m2 (in meters 5) and common reception area,...

  • Three rooms flat (To Rent)

  • Škrlčeva, Kvatrić, Zagreb
  • 105.00 m²
  • 900 €

Fully furnished and equipped apartment of 105m2 on the second floor of a beautifully decorated and maintained detached villas in Škrlčeva street (Kvatrić). It consists of a large living room connected with kitchen 65m2, two bedrooms, hallway,...

  • House (For Sell)

  • Hvar
  • 400.00 m²
  • 1.400.000 €

The island of Hvar Town Hvar, one of nejljepših old villa on the best and most expensive on the island.  It lies completely in the forest and from the villa offers a magnificent view of the sea. It is an ideal which is not in the first place to...

  • House (For Sell)

  • Gornjodemerska, Brezovica, Zagreb
  • 360.00 m²
  • 899.000 €

Brezovica, wonderful family estate built in 2002 economic. Land area 6121 m2, very flat land with a small elevated section where there is a house of 360 m2. The entire property is fenced 590 m2 long wrought iron railings. The house has two...

  • Four rooms flat (To Rent)

  • Remete, Zagreb
  • 190.00 m²
  • 2.000 €

The beautiful new building a four room flat of 190 m² with a large garden, approx.300 m². The flat is superbly decorated. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, separate toilet, kitchen with room and dining room, two terraces and a garden....

for sell, house, zagreb, šalata
  • House (For Sell)

  • Rockfelerova, Šalata, Zagreb
  • 414.00 m²
  • 1.200.000 €

Beautiful family villa indented in four levels, the total area of 414 m². Situated on 414 m² land, on one of the most elite locations in Zagreb, Salata Rockfelerovoj in the street. Completely renovated in 2006 year, occupancy permits. Orientation...

to rent, bar, zagreb, trešnjevka
  • Bar (To Rent)

  • Kranjčevićeva, Trešnjevka , Zagreb
  • 150.00 m²
  • 2.300 €

Local street with a large window at a very attractive and busy location. Located on Tresnjevka, Kranjceviceva street, near the House of Sports, Hotels Panorama and Laguna, and Zagreb`s football field. Good transport connections, close to public...

for sell, appartment and office building, rijeka, opatija
  • More rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Opatija, Opatija
  • 200.00 m²
  • 1.250.000 €

Opatija sea front, flat on the first floor of a beautiful villa Austro-Hungarian style. Apartment of 171 m² (currently divided into 2 apartments - two bedroom and three bedroom), with a garage 52 m². Garage can be converted into office space or...

  • House (For Sell)

  • Balan, Trogir
  • 200.00 m²
  • 308.000 €

The family house is located in Trogir area Balan, at the very beginning of the bay Saldun (for ex resorts Duro Dakovic), on the road Trogir - Okrug.About 500 m from the old town. Work on the excavation to begin in 2005 in winter, and the same is...

  • Three rooms flat (To Rent)

  • Kameniti stol, Maksimir, Zagreb
  • 100.00 m²
  • 600 €

New building.3-bedroom apartment 100 m² on 1 st floor urban villas. Kitchen with dining room and a living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, wc, 3 balconies. The apartment is fully furnished (DVD, music table) and kitchen with all devices. PVC doors...

  • Bar (To Rent)

  • Branimirova avenija, Dubrava, Zagreb
  • 150.00 m²
  • 1.125 €

Branimirova Avenija,  commercial space on the ground floor recently built office building, 150 - 240 m2. It is located on a very busy location. The office building lies the home and foreign missions.  It is ideal for any business or exhibition...

  • More rooms flat (For Sell)

  • Ilica , Centar, Zagreb
  • 215.00 m²
  • 429.900 €

Ilica, 220m2 office space on the second floor. Two parking spaces in the yard. Decorated entralno gas central heating, air conditioning all rooms, new PVC joinery. Ceiling height 365cm. There are two bathrooms and the possibility of one. The...

for sell, house, zagreb, srebrnjak
  • House (For Sell)

  • Srebrnjak, Zagreb
  • 700.00 m²
  • 1.700.000 €

Family villa in a residential location, Silver. Completely renovated about ten years ago to the highest level of adaptation. Divorced in 3 levels with the possibility of installing a lift. Oriented to the west, complete peace and quiet. Basement...

for sell, house, zagreb, pantovčak
  • House (For Sell)

  • Pantovčak , Zagreb
  • 600.00 m²
  • 990.000 €

In the center of Zagreb on the street Pantovčak, known for numerous diplomatic missions, ambassadorial and consular departments and residential buildings for diplomats, ambassadors and consuls, we are selling the entire residential building....